Robert Forlini - Photographer
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Links Page
Umbrella Arts is committed to keeping the artistic spirit of the East Village alive as a place of discovery, movement and change.
The mission of the Vermont PhotoPlace Gallery is to support contemporary fine art photography as a means of creative expression and cultural insight.
Gallery on City Island, a small-town-like enclave at the edge of the Bronx, celebrating art as a serious, communicative, and social act.
The gallery's mission is to be a resource to the community for excellent quality art created by both established and emerging artists.
Henry Street Settlement delivers a wide range of social service and arts programming to New Yorkers each year.
A not-for-profit gallery where a wide variety of artists are exhibited and artistic experimentation is nurtured.
A museum dedicated to Italian Americans and their achievements and contributions to American culture and society.
Its mission is to open the door to artistic inquiry and expression and foster creative ideas in the community.
Fine artists' showcase and website design.
Photographer of color night scenes, author of "Blue Nights".
Portfolios of photographs of Brooklyn, Italy and pinholes, among many others.
Photographer intrigued with photography's ability to misrepresent scenes as reality, playing tricks on our perception of what is and is not real.
Photographer, writer, teacher. My undergraduate professor.
Master photographer. My graduate major professor. Author of the monograph "The Sadness of Men"
An outstanding and significant photographer and influential teacher. Author of "New York Photographs, 1968-1978".
Borrowed art, landscape and found art paintings.
Fine art and portrait painter extraordinaire.
Art direction and design for print and web. Freelance design available in-house or off site, "farm it out..."
Painter, illustrator and mural artist.
Factory trained Leica specialist. Authorized Leica dealer.
Used projector and camera sales. Photo, darkroom supplies, 8mm movie. "If it's a lightbulb, we have it!"
Harry Taylor knows more about vintage Omega enlargers than anybody. Repairs, refurbishing, sales, parts, manuals.
Thoughtful reviews of cameras and photographic equipment by an experienced photographer.
A nonprofit foundation dedicated to promoting photography, founded in 1952.
SPE seeks to promote a wider understanding of photography and to foster the development of its practice, teaching, scholarship and critical analysis.
An independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to all aspects of the Leica camera.
Photograph is a guide to photo-based art with listings of exhibitions, private dealers and resources.
Freestyle believes in the future of black & white film and the darkroom.
Their aim is to promote street photography and to continue to explore its possibilities.
Interesting discussion and resource site presenting a wide-open view on the practice of street photography.
Forum devoted to traditional (non-digital) photographic processes.
Keeping the faith of traditional photography. Digital determinism is not the end of the film camera but the beginning of a new perspective.
Exploring the creativity of 21st Century photography: analog, digital, historic process.
This blog by Lake Girl is an attempt to make sense of our choices and examine our lives with humor and honesty.
Free form radio the way it was meant to be. Eclectic listening, not for everyone (but you're not everyone).